What's happening during February?

Hello February! I thought it would be useful to start adding little markers at the start of each month to keep everyone easily in the loop with what’s happening during that month.

First month up is February - please let this one be good to us all hey?! So, what’s coming up?

⭐️ Sew your own Basket at home Making Kits are now in the shop 

⭐️ Making Kits complete with printed pocket fabrics are now in shop! After a little positive feedback, the Making Kits now come with fabric for the out and inside pockets so all you need to supply yourself are basic sewing notions. There is currently a small selection of prints available but...

⭐️ New Making Kits with different designs will be added to the shop 11th February at 7pm GMT.

⭐️ I am thrilled to be taking part in the next virtual Yorkshire Yarn Fest happening on the 27th (time to be confirmed). This is always a super fun weekend and I'm excited to take part, there will be new Baskets, new Making Kits, new zip Bags and a discount running all weekend. 

⭐️ As always with Yorkshire Yarn Fest there's a theme and this time it's Spring. The Festival will see Limited Edition Baskets go on sale in a beautiful springlike fabric as well as for the FIRST TIME Spring Kits which promise to be lovely. Plus....

⭐️ A NEW DESIGN will be launched! It's been a year since I introduced the Basket to the product range and it's time to give it a little level up. I've been drooling over some really posh designer handbags (never gonna happen btw!) and there's a world of accessories available for them. This got my little brain whirling so think about the organisers that slot inside these posh bags and you're on the right lines of what's coming. A super useful 'project bag' for home or out and about. This will be exclusively launched during Yorkshire Yarn Fest.

So that should keep me busy! Thank you as always for the ongoing support x


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