New product! Launching 27th February

I'm so excited to be sitting down and writing about my new design that will launch during the Yorkshire Yarn Fest that is happening on 27th February. I will be going Live over on this channel on Instagram (time slot to be released later) and hosting a mini yarn show, I'll be in my Studio with my stand all set up and will be taking you through everything. The Live will be saved to my own Instagram as an IGTV incase you miss it. During the weekend I will be running a special discount code too!

I am busy making lots of Baskets and Knitters Comprehensive Bags, I will also have a Spring Kit on sale for the first time and will be sharing the old favourites such as the Knitters Carry All Backpack and new ones of the Making Kit

New design filled with yarn and notions

Okay, so the new design. That I don't yet have a name for but I will, I keep in my head calling it a 'Trug' however when I've looked up that word it doesn't seem to fit so I need to keep thinking on it (- suggestions welcome in the comments!) The new design is based on the Basket pattern, which is actually based on the Short Tote, it seems I've made up a pattern that just works so well in size and practicality that I just keep using it and tweaking it and adding various things. 

A quick run down of each of the new features:

• Inside is a yarn holder, which is the perfect size for a 100g 4ply cake of yarn and you can fit two stacked on top of each other. The yarn can be pulled out easily so can stay inside the bag and be safe and neat while you work from the cake. 

• The yarn holder can be folded completely fat and pushed out of the way against the side of the bag if you don't want to use it.

• There is small pocket inside ideal for slipping in needles to prevent stitches from coming off

• Also inside is a large pocket

• On one side outside there are three pockets, one being large enough for a folded A4 sheet so great for popping in patterns

• On the other side it has five pockets, one being quite slim to enable scissors to be popped inside to be able to keep the blades safely away but easy to grab.

• A long leather handle that drops down when not being used and is out of the way along the inside of the bag.

•  There is a Vegan option with a leather alternative for the handle.

• All seams inside that are on show are overlocked meaning everything is neat and tidy looking with no fraying material.

• It is made from high quality, sturdy canvas and will be available in a various colours. 

The inside filled with goodness!

You can see by the photo just how much I've fitted inside with plenty of room to spare. I have popped in...2x 100g cakes of 4ply yarn - there is room in the yarn holder for the pink cake to be stacked on top of the grey one, 2 skeins of yarn, a large shawl on the needles, a planner book, tape measure, hand cream, snacks (an absolute must!) and a handful of minis.

I will have a video on my Instagram detailing how everything fits in the bag and a close up of all the features.

I truly hope you'll like this new design (name to be given soon!), as always I've tried to create something that looks fabulous and will work in homes and comes with lots of useful features, everything to make our crafting go that bit smoother by being organised.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, please stay safe and well

Tracy x


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