Firstly I hope you and your family are okay and I hope you're keeping as safe as you can. My thoughts are with my customers, our crafting community and everyone else during this very difficult time. Forgive me for dropping into your inbox but I wanted to officially say Happy New Year and let you know what and how things are happening here.

You may have seen my Instagram post explaining my absence at the end of 2020 and know that we finally managed to move house - only about 2 years in the making! This means I am now a very short drive away from my Studio and since, we decided to have a huge life overall, we have a much smaller house meaning there's no room for me to work from home during the Lockdown that is now imposed in England.  I will be sharing my time between working from home and only going to the Studio when necessary along with the (dreaded) homeschooling.

I've mentioned before but I completely isolated at the Studio, no one else enters and I am practising a strict hygiene routine so it feels a safe and acceptable thing to do. We, as a family, are following all the rules and keeping ourselves distanced and as safe as possible.

Since it all feels a little heavy at the moment I thought it would be a good idea to offer my first Valentines Kit and spread a little love. I have chosen a beautiful print and this will be revealed over on Instagram soon. The Kit will be available in a choice of sizes including the ever popular Basket along with a new style Drawstring bag! As well as beautiful bags each Kit will come with a supply of surprise goodies just for you to enjoy, this will be ideal to show yourself a little kindness or gift to someone. They will be on sale from Thursday 14th January at 7pm GMT and will ship in time for enjoying before and after Valentine's Day.

Also coming up this month is the launch of the Sew at Home Basket Pattern and Making Kits...I am so excited for this and they will be hitting the shop Thursday 21st January 7pm GMT! There will be an instant download pattern as well as the option to purchase everything you need to make a Basket at home, the only thing you will need to source yourself is one Fat Quarter of printed fabric. I really struggled to find a high quality canvas material for these Baskets and by purchasing the kit you can recreate the same quality at home - even the leather handles come with pre-made holes meaning you need no extra fancy equipment but your sewing machine and basic notions.

There are currently a few things over in the shop now and popular items such as the Backpack and Tote are ready and waiting to be ordered. I have factored in a little extra time to allow for the mixed location working I'm currently doing and I will of course keep you updated throughout your order period should anything change.

I will be aiming to send out a little email like this every so often with updates of whats happening and when to keep you all informed but please feel free to hit the Unsubscribe button if you'd rather not hear from thimble and thread make

As always, your support is very much appreciated and more so than ever at this tricky time. My inbox is always open if anyone needs a little support and I'm thinking of everyone. Sending lots of love and positive healthy wishes to everyone....Tracy x


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