The 'C' word....COVID-19

Hello my loves

I truly hope this post finds you well and managing to weather this storm that is raging globally, please know that my thoughts and best wishes are with my customers, members of our community and rest of the world at this time.

I just wanted to touch base regarding this matter. I've debated in the closing up shop and hunkering down to get through this but that doesn't really feel like an option. I feel the need to try and keep things as 'normal' as possible for as long as it's possible and safe, both for the chance of keeping my business alive and earning enough to clear the Studio bills and for my own mental health..

As you may know, I work alone in my own Studio so there is no chance of me coming into contact with or infecting anyone within the thimble and thread make work place, I travel in my own car so no public transport and I don't even receive post at the Studio. Should I or any of my immediate family exhibit symptoms at any time I will, of course, follow government advice and self isolate for as long as required. Should this affect your order I will be in touch to discuss it with and give you the chance to cancel or wait a little longer while I take time from working (I will not work symptoms). Should advice change and we are advised to stay home (and as long as my household remains symptom free) I will pack up my Studio and work from home on a temporary basis.
EDIT TO ADD....I’ve decided to close the Studio and work home, my boys are no longer in school so I will be working from home from now on. My studio is used as base to be near where my boys attend school as it’s quite a drive from our home but now the schools have officially closed I no longer need to travel and be in that area during the day (I was on the verge of pulling them out so I’m happy this decision has been made).

I have slightly altered the lead times on a few of my products, mainly the Knitters Carry All Backpack and Short Tote. This just allows for any delay in receiving materials, the packing up of the Studio if need be, etc. If I can I will always get the order out to you ASAP and hopefully in a far quicker time than quoted.

Please check out as normal on any order and select the 'Standard' postage service. I will for free of charge upgrade all orders to a Tracked and Signed For service just to reduce the chances of anything being lost as I imagine the postal systems are under great strain.  That said, please allow a few days longer for your parcel to reach you as things could be delayed within the systems, particularly International orders. Should Royal Mail decide no longer accept mail, which I believe highly unlikely as they contingency plans in place, I will contact you to discuss, please be assured I will always communicate any issues with you. Please see Royal Mail for details on new receiving post rules. EDIT TO ADD....I'm now sending all orders by Standard delivery and no longer using a Signed For/Tracked service, this decision was made due to going into Lockdown here in the UK. I can buy all the postage online and print at home and then I can drop the parcels into a box. This is a short walk from my home and I can visit it each day using my daily exercise that we are allowed to do. This means I then don't have to visit the Post Office or come into contact with anyone else and this way impacts no one but the person who empties the postal box each day (which I have taken to given a once over with a Dettol wipe!).
EDIT TO ADD.....Royal Mail are currently a little over whelmed due to staff shortages, prioritising NHS deliveries and a general increase in the amount of items being posted. Please have a little patience as your order may take a longer than normal to reach you....and thank your Postie for keeping things going when you next see them :)

If you follow me on Instagram you maybe aware that my husband falls into a more at risk group than most for this virus. Therefore please be assured that I am being extra vigilant in cleaning and keeping a clean and disinfected working environment be that at home or in the Studio. Although there is no evidence that the virus can be passed through either post received or soft materials, I am practising strict hygiene routines and taking zero chances and have read lots of differing views on this I’m being as vigilant as I can. We have also been Social Distancing since around 10th March and will carry on staying home for as long is needed and I urge others to do the same.

Please know that I'm always here if you need someone to talk to, either drop me an email or via one of my social media channels, links for all can be found here at the top left hand side.

Sending you all love and well wishes


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