Knitters Carry All Backpack - New LIGHT version! Available for ordering over at

Due to popular request I have now designed a new version of the Knitters Carry All Backpack, the Original is still available (and in a variety of different colours!) but after getting some great feedback  that some customers would like a Backpack that's a little more flexible if they want to add their own project bags.

The whole outside look is exactly the same as the Original however the inside is completely empty! No vinyl pocket, no stitch marker holder, no notions pouch and no built in project bag which all come as standard on the Original.  I did originally design the Light version of the bag without the poppers that allow pin badges to be added to the outside canvas but a couple of people reached out during ordering and asked if they could have them added so this is something I'm more that happy to do (just drop me an email).  This little design hack was created by me at the end of 2017 and I feel it's become something of my signature now so I'm thrilled people love it and are asking for it.

I've filmed a short little video giving a tour of the bag and also comparing it to the Original so that you can see the differences and see both bags been moved and worn which you will hopefully find useful.

I couldn't decide on what to call this version so put a Story out on Instagram (you can find my profile here) and I got some great ideas! I eventually decided on "light" as I wanted to avoid words such as simple and basic as I feel they were a little negative and these were the words that kept coming to my mind so my lovely Instagram followers really helped...and this handmade bag is anything but basic!

Both versions of the Knitters Carry All Backpack can be found here ORIGINAL and LIGHT and both are available in a variety of different colours.

I truly hope that you love this bag, I put in so much thought and effort when designing a bag and each one is made by me to my high standard.

Thanks so much for reading and watching!



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