Canvas Cube Project Bag sewing pattern is finally here!

I'm so pleased that finally the pattern is ready! This has taken so much work to create and if I'm being honest, I'd totally underestimated just how much work. Hours spent writing and rewriting, shooting and reshooting photos and then having test sewers giving it a trial has all been a really long process so if you are one of the lovely people waiting for it to be released, I thank you for your patience!

I just absolutely adore this bag, the shape, the size, the functionality it has...everything!

I created the design for this bag way back at the end of 2017, I wanted a big squishy bag that would be great for garments (and we all know how long I have a garment on the needles!) and thought the shape of a Cube was a really interesting idea for a bag. I also loved the popularity that was growing for adding pin badges to the outside of bags but to be honest, I was worried about the backings snagging the contents and my WIP inside.

Having thought about the issue with the backings for a while, I came up with the idea for leaving a gap in the lining of the bag and securing it closed with poppers so that I could slip in my hand between the Canvas outer and the lining and fasten the pin to the Canvas and secure the backing in-between the two layers of fabric.

I was so pleased with the finished result! It worked perfectly and when I released it for sale in the shop it was a real hit (something I'm truly thankful and grateful for as I believe this product really then began to push my business forwards.) 

It's been over two years since the Canvas Cube Bag was launched and I'm so pleased it's still a popular product. So popular in fact that I've been asked to write this pattern many times.

The pattern itself is 15 pages long (plus one introductory page) and each step is explained in detail and with a photo so that it's really easy and accessible to follow for people of any level of sewing skills.

The Cube shape of this bag allows it to be opened up nice and wide and stand up on its own. The size measures (approximately) each side of the cube is 9" wide and 8.5" high and base of 9" by 9". The bag pulls together (not completely closed as you can see in the photos) with rope drawstrings.  Fully lined inside with a pocket.

You can find a copy of pattern here over in my Etsy shop

Now...if you've been around for a while you might know that I set up my Etsy shop around 5 years ago. I had a really good three years over there but in the end I kinda fell out of love with the whole idea of Etsy (it went through some major behind the scenes changes for sellers that left me uncomfortable) and I went off in search of my own platform. I then built my own website and shop over at and have been so much happy in my own little space online. 

However when I've been deciding on adding a Digital Product to the shop (i.e. having the pattern available for downloading) I became a bit unsure. The shop platform I use is great, it's easy everyone to use and most importantly I know my details and those of my customer are safe and protected. In order to put a Digital Product in the shop I needed to allow another company access to everything on my site - all the information on my customers. Now, I'm sure this company is perfectly safe and sound and reputable but it made me uncomfortable and value my customers trust too much to allow someone to come in and access their data and potentially use it.

So for now, the pattern is over in the old Etsy shop until I can find a solution I'm happy with as I know that information is safe and Etsy will only hold the details of those purchasing the pattern, not everyone who has brought from me in the past six months. It's been sat gathering dust (I've never closed it as I was so proud of the feedback scores, I just left it empty) so it will be nice for it to have some visitors!

I really hope you do love the pattern and enjoy making it. I'm here so if you download it and have a go, I'm always here to help so please just drop me an email.

I hope this blog post finds you well, one of my 2020 goals is to blog more (its already February and this is the first one!) but hopefully we'll speak again soon.

Thanks for reading, Tracy x


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