New premises...and a little discount code!

Hi, I hope this post finds you well? I just wanted to share a little bit of exciting news with you incase you haven't seen it on social media...
I finally have the keys to the new Commercial Premises!

I mentioned in the last email I sent that there was something exciting happening in the very near future and it was in the legal stages and it (finally!) happened. At the end of September I got the keys to the commercial unit which will now become Thimble and Thread Make HQ!

As you maybe aware, my eldest son had a few issues after moving to Secondary School September 2018 and we made the decision to move him to a new school.  We found somewhere wonderful for both he and his brother to attend but the downside was the distance from our house.  After driving around 600 miles each week for a month we realised that I needed to be closer to them. So I began looking for a commercial property I could work from that was near to the school to cut down on driving and to be close to them in case of an emergency.

Finding somewhere that would allow me to use an industrial, and therefore noisy, sewing machine plus allow me to take Charlie with me (I couldn't leave him home alone all day) proved to be near impossible. Then I spotted this unit which is literally 5 minutes away from the school and approached the agent who answered every question and gave me all the information before dropping out that it was intact already let to another tenant.

I've been searching since last year for a property to no avail and I couldn't let the thought of this unit go and kept imaging how perfect it would be.  Then, by chance, I decided to check the agents listing for the properties available and there it was! So after weeks and weeks of viewings, doing sums and accounts, sleepless nights, negotiating on costs I finally got the keys at the end of September.

I'm not going to lie, it was pretty disgusting when we took it over and absolutely filthy and spider infested.  Horrible! Here's a link to my YouTube channel if you want to see it But elbow grease and my husband and kids mucking in (literally) we got it clean and looking pretty good.

So now I'm in and working from there everyday. It still needs painting and the finishing touches such as blinds and shelving but for the moment it's fine, it's clean which is a huge improvement! I have a lovely big room that I'm using as my Studio, there's so much space and it's a really lovely quiet environment I can't quite believe it's mine.  Charlie is happy as he comes along everyday and gets to go for a walk in the empty farm grassland that surrounds us.  There's a small little kitchen and loo so it has everything I need.

There's also a second large room that I plan on developing into a Community Space. I will have a small area in there to display my products and I'm looking for a large table and chairs and some comfy chairs to go in there.  My thoughts are I could have a monthly knitting and crochet group, a 'pop-up' shopping and socialising event in the run up to Christmas plus some others ideas I'm looking to develop with it.

So, there we have it! Thimble and Thread Make now has an official Headquarters.

As a thank you for being reading my blog post and therefore supporting me on this venture I wanted to share with you a discount code for 10% off everything in the shop which you find over at Simply enter 'blog' at checkout in the little discount code box for it to be applied to your order.

Thanks so much for your time, I hope now I'm more settled I will be able to restart the podcast (filming this week!) and offer a weekly shop update.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Best wishes Tracy


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