June Newsletter


Hi! I hope this newsletter finds you well? Firstly, apologies for missing May and not sending a round up of that month.  In all honesty, the month was crazy busy with the website and shop and I had very little to discuss in terms of knitting and things I'd been up to plus throw in some technical difficulties and I decided to miss May out and issue no email during June.  However, this time I have lots to share with you!


Let's kick off the knitting chat with a Finished Object shall we! My Zorzal shawl by Lisa Hannes is now complete and I'm thrilled with it. Love it! The colours work so well together and the yarn was just a joy to use.  I decided as I got to the near the end of the pattern to miss out the last final few rows as it just repeats of the stripe pattern and I felt the shawl was large enough.  I tend to find I struggle slightly with Casting Off when the final edge is so long, my tension can get a little tight.  Once it was off the needles I did say a little prayer to the Blocking Gods that it would relax and loosen that edge and it did work.  I gave it a long soak in some soap I picked up from Fondant Fibre and threw in a couple of Colour Catchers just to be sure that the gold colour wouldn't run into the lighter yarn.

Zorzal by Lisa Hannes and the yarn is from Black Elephant in Golden Coast and Nostalgia.

Now that has been finished I turned my attention back to something I started a while ago and abandoned, I'm sure we all have these projects! I'm now working on the Ramona Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith which is a button down fronted cardigan with long sleeves and it finishes just on the hips.  Although as I have quite a long torso (I'm 5'8" so quite tall) I plan on adding a little extra length to make sure it falls right on my body but they pattern does give instructions on where to do this so that's handy as I normally have to guess a little on which rows I need to repeat.  I'm knitting this in Debbie Bliss Falkland Aran Heathers yarn in the colour Chestnut.  This yarn I picked up from Yarndale last September and if you've been a follower of mine for a while, you'll know I love to pick up yarn at bargain prices when I can.  I brought this yarn to make this pattern so I made sure a picked up enough and I think I paid £25 for the whole lot which felt like such a good buy.  My lovely friend Vanessa (who was with me when I picked up the yarn) very kindly gifted me the pattern too!

It's now a little longer than this photo and I've reached the rows with decreases for the waist shaping, fingers crossed I'll be able to share it next time as a finished garment!

Out and About

June saw the first ever Wool Monty... 'A two day celebration of all things yarn and fibre".  It was held in Sheffield, UK at the large Arena there and it was a wonderful day out!  Sheffield is only about a 30 minute drive from me and the Arena itself is really easy to get to and had free parking.  I stopped and picked up my friend Vanessa (you may know her as Kill to Craft) from the train station and off we went. I was a little naive, I have been to concerts in the past in the Arena but never thought the yarn show would be in a main space, I assumed it would be in some conference suite or something. Nope. The whole Arena floor was taken over with stalls which meant there was so much room!  Room to stop and chat to people, you didn't feel crushed or that you were constantly in the way like at some shows.  And it was super accessible for everyone. There were chairs dotted about and sofas for knitting and chatting...it was a lovely event.  The organisers have said they are considering running it again so we'll see if it comes back but I would love to go again.  The only negative I could say about it was the food facilities and prices but that's a minor gripe.

We browsed the stands and i saw some things I'd love to make this fabulous sweater...

We met up with another lovely friend Rachel, who is the most prolific knitter I know!  She whips up colour work jumpers in days and her projects and use of colour is super inspiring. her use of colour is displayed here along with using one of my Knitters Carry All Backpacks....

I spent far to much time browsing the Black Elephant stand...

...and although I didn't buy anything I have a long list of yarns I loved that I will be ordering online once I have both the funds and projects.

I brought very little, which makes me feel bad as I want to support every stall holder there, but as I didn't go with any projects in mind and the funds were a little sparse. Plus I have so much built up in stash that I really must try and use some up first.  But I did window shop and I know what I'm getting from who as and when I'm able.  I did buy this mystery hank (well, two actually) of 100% wool that feels like a 4 ply but I'll do a wrap test to confirm.  There is enough for a sweater and it was for the ridiculous price of £10 for the two so I simply couldn't refuse and thought such a bargain can enter stash and wait its turn to be used.

 I met some new people lovely people who follow me and the shop came and said hello which was amazing and I had a lovely long chat with an old friend I'd not seen for ages so it really was a fabulous day out.  My next show to attend is Yarningham in Birmingham in a few weeks.


If you follow me on Instagram (there's a link below to my account) you'll know that I have had a little change and reorganisation of my Studio.  As you may be aware, I work from home in a spare bedroom and I was needing yet more surfaces to work from so added an extra long desk to give me somewhere for my pressing machine to live (this machine is a game changer for anyone who sews!).  I'm quickly running out of room now so I need this new layout to work, I've been considering finding a small commercial property to rent for me to work from but so far this is proving impossible as I can't find anything to meet my needs - or somewhere that will allow Charlie to hang out with me as I can't leave him home alone all day. If you pop to my Instagram you can see a full tour of the Studio in my IGTV section on my profile page.

Shop News

At the start of June 'thimble and thread make' turned 4! I can't believe it and I was so happy to achieve this, you can find my website at here. It's been 4 years since I started to sell my products on Esty and then two years since I braved it and decided to build my own website and go it alone at my own .com address (something in hindsight I wish I'd had done sooner).  Celebrate the anniversary I launched a brand new bag design called the Knitters Comprehensive Bag and used this new design to create Special Birthday Kits which consisted of a Bag and lots of Notions goodies.  The idea of this bag is for you to get everything you need from a bag for knitting or crochet.  Its a large enough bag for a garment, it has zip top into the main body of the bag with another zip across the front for notions. On the back is a grab handle and a large clear vinyl pocket that is ideal for storing patterns so that you can see them and work from them easily.  Inside the bag is another pocket and a holder for stitch markers.

I'm currently having a little Sale in the shop on the bags that are ready to ship and you can now find these by using the drop down menu box when you click the 'Shop" tab.  Enter code SUMMER at checkout for 10% any of these products.

And (the last thing about the shop I promise) I having the last planned update until September on Friday 5th July at 8pm BST (UK time), then the Backpacks will be available for ordering (including the new purple colour!) along some Knitters Comprehensive Bags.  There is also going to be a Limited Edition Backpack in a beautiful vibrant print!

Thank you

And that's it for the first of my Monthly Round-up Newsletters!  I really hope you enjoyed it and took a moment for yourself to relax and read what I've been up to.  As always, thank you all for your support, I'll popping back in your inbox next month.

Have a great month and take care,


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